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"...the crew from EPIC installed an 7.65 kw system on our home in 2018. I met Richard at the home show a year before we started building our house and had an interest in building an energy efficient home. Over the course of the next year, Richard was helpful in consultation, making recommendations to help us maximize the efficiency of our proposed system.  After installation were approved for net metering by NB power they returned and showed us how to run and monitor our system.  The process was easy and painless Richard was great to deal with throughout our project, has answered any questions we had and checked in with us regularly to ensure our system is functioning well. We had some damage to some racking caused by ice after our first winter, and they came out in the spring to rectify the problem quickly. We have had a great experience with EPIC energy and would highly recommend them!"


"I'm super happy with my solar. I don't know how I managed before without it. The installers did a terrific job, extremely neat, absolutely no mess left behind."

Liz Forest

"It truly is a pleasure working with Richard, He is so knowledgeable about solar systems. We had purchased from another company and the package was not working properly nor was it what we needed. He came and inspected it, recommended some upgrades, and it has been clear sailing since. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to go solar."


Ruby & Brian Spencer



“I had wanted to have solar panels for years and finally jumped in a couple of years ago.  We received quotes from 3 companies and went with Epic Energy Solutions as we were impressed with them from the start.   We were not disappointed during the process.  They were very professional during all stages and continued to answer any questions we had after installation.  As far as living with solar panels I love every day of it.  I probably check my solar app on my phone 10 times a day to see how much we are producing.  Super happy with the solar panels and with Epic Energy.  Would recommend them to anyone who asks.”


T.J. Smith

"We have now had the solar panels installed for 5 years and will say the entire process from the very first quote to all our follow up questions and service have been top notch.  They gave us an accurate expectation of costs and helped with the installation design which allowed us to modify the house planning.  The installation was efficient and the system has run smoothly ever since. ... We would highly recommend Epic Energy for your solar project."


Brian Dalrymple and Neema Patel

"We are a large fishing camp, located on the Cains River. We run a 24 kw propane generator, a little overkill but it works great for all of our needs. Before we installed our solar system, I was changing the oil  every 100 hrs, (about once a week), and we were filling 2-20 foot torpedo tanks 4-5 times a year, at a substantial cost. In 2017 we called epic energy, Richard came out to our (quite isolated) camp and spent the afternoon asking questions about our generator and our power needs. Richard suggested 10 panels, 8 batteries and the inverter. We accepted his recommendations, and our system was installed. 


Richard and his team came and installed the system. They are a very professional group of guys, yet they can have fun while they work. They know what they are doing and like what they do.

After the installation, Richard would keep in contact with me quite regularly,  making sure things were going ok, even after 3 yrs Richard is very quick to reply to any questions I may have. They're  customer service is awesome.


We now fill our torpedo tanks once in may ( just  a topping off from winter usage) and a complete fill in october. We don't run much through the winter but we do visit regularly.


This year 2020, we decided to upgrade our system  and add another 10 panels, simply to top off our heavy daytime usage and to ensure we have enough battery power for the nights, again a little overkill but we are happy with that.


Our generator hardly ever starts any more. I will cycle it every couple of weeks to make sure it is ready when needed. I now change the oil once a year.


I would absolutely recommend Epic Energy to anyone who is looking for freedom, from the constant, yearly, rise in costs from using electricity from the grid.

THANK YOU Epic Energy."

Kevin Hachey and your "now" friends at Stanton Camp

"Over a year in and my solar system is performing just as planned.  Thanks to Epic Energy for the wise advice at the planning stage, the quality installation and most importantly the follow-up service to assure that all is running well.  Nice to know that Richard still occasionally monitors the system for performance and that Epic immediately responds to any questions that I may have.  Design, construction, electrical and wireless monitoring are all under one roof at Epic (no sub-contractors) which is much of the reason for their successful installations.  Epic Energy, NB, is highly recommended."

Bruce Pendrel, Smithfield, NB.

[42 panel 12.5 kW, net metering installed on the barn roof produced 17.2 MWh over the first year]

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