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Net Metering

In New Brunswick, Net Metering is a give and take system.  This system is designed to handle the up and down flow of power produced by your personal alternate energy system output entering the power grid (NB Power's Grid).


At Epic Energy Solutions, we design a power system specific for your consumption needs.  You then partner with your local Power Commission (NB Power) for the control and monitoring of that power system.


Once Epic Energy Solutions designs your system, it must then be approved by both an electrical engineer and N.B. Power inspectors.  After approval is granted, we then install that system.  Once the installation is inspected and passed by a local electrician, NB Power will place a new meter on your home.  This meter is designed to collect all data from your power feed to and from the home and the grid.

Net Metering is based on a yearly record of production.  If you over produce, you will lose that extra power as NB Power resets to zero on March 31st annually. If you under produce, the balance owed for power you consumed through that year will be billed to you monthly.  You will also be billed for any power pushed (processed) on the grid and then taken back again.

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