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Integrated Systems

There are several options available to you for the set up of your renewable energy sources in your home.  We recommend an integrated system for optimal output. This type of system includes a 240 volt pure sine wave Hybrid inverter. The hybrid inverter can prioritize the power source input from the renewable energy source, be it wind, solar, water or battery, and only use the grid power if all renewable sources are depleted. Also, the hybrid inverter can work with the grid tie inverters to over produce power if needed for the home or exporting to the grid.

We also install battery backup inverters. These systems are normally off, but when the grid power goes out, the system is configured to switch to the batteries and act as the grid. All  grid tied inverters shut down (by law) to protect the power line workers. They have built in relays that only connect if there is power coming from the grid. A manual transfer switch is necessary for these types of systems.

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The generator will also start automatically if there is a power shortage.  So the batteries here generate 48 volt dc current when the off grid inverter is switched on, or switched to the break out panel. The inverter can be on at all times if you wish but the mechanical switch has to be activated manually by law. Once it is connected to the battery bank it starts to invert 240 volt pure sine wave power. The other inverters recognize the stable power supply and interprets it as the grid, so they connect and start producing power again from the solar panels or the wind turbine, so you then have full power to run the home.


Sometimes the power produced is more than the power required by the home and if the power lines are down there is nowhere for the power to go. Normally, in this case, the inverters would shut down, but then there would be no power for the home again. To avoid this we build in a diversion load. This is triggered by the off grid inverter. It senses that the batteries are full, the home is supplied, and there is still power pushing in. It then triggers a relay to switch on the 10 kilowatts of 240 volt heaters. This quickly pulls down the power so the inverters can continue to produce power for any loads required.


If a grid tie system is something you are looking for with the ability to run your home when the grid is down, we can build a system like this for you.  Contact Epic Energy Solutions today!

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