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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a solar array installed?

Roof mounted and ground mounted are the two types of systems we typically install. Roof mounting is typically the more affordable option. However, roof mounts only make sense if your roof is south facing and has the correct pitch. Ground mounting systems are built on their own racking in a stand-alone configuration with the ideal pitch and orientation.

How many solar panels would I need to get rid of my power bill?

It depends on your power bill. If you have a $100 power bill, for example, $25-$35 of it will be for a service fee, and $8 could be water heater rental. That leaves $57 of electricity purchased. At 11 cents/kWh it works out to 518 kWh for the month. To zero that bill over the year, you would need approximately 5000 watts (5kw) of solar panels. If each panel were 305 watts, this means about 16 solar panels.

How much will it cost?

Every system is different. In our experience roof-mount systems can be between $2.25-$3 per watt for a fully installed, turn key, grid connected system. A 5kW grid connected system would typically be around $11,250 - $15,000 depending on mounting options, location, etc. Options such as battery backup, monitoring, etc. are also available.

How much space will it take up?

A 5kW array will take up around 500 sq ft of roof space.

Do they work on cloudy days?

On a cloudy day, typical solar panels can produce 10-25% of their rated capacity. The exact amount will vary depending on cloud density.

What return on investment can I expect?

We calculate approximately a 10-13 year ROI. This is based on today's NB Power rates. This projection does not take into account NB Power's annual planned 2% per year increase which will compound and produce quicker returns.

What incentives and warranty are available?

Solar panel warranties range between 25-30 years. Other equipment typically carries a 5-25 year warranty. The Total Home Energy Savings Program through NB Power has a $250-$300 incentive for each installed kW of grid tied solar (typical home size is 5 kW), when combined with other home improvements.

Will solar work at my location?

Southern exposure with minimal to no shading is key. Ultimately a professional site survey will best determine if solar power is right for your location.

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